six flags

I remember it like yesterday Six Flags.It was the first time I ever went to six flags and it was awsome.My cousin was begging and pleading me to ride the titan.So I finally rode it was so thrilling.With all the twists and turns it was awsome.After we went to eat at joneys rockets.I got a burger and curly fries.If you go I reccomend joneys rockets.The day was coming to an end. So we rode the judge roy scream.It was like the titan divided by 2.It was thrilling to ride a ride that is scary but not scary at the same time.If you dont like roller coaster you should ride the judge roy scream.So we left and stoped at buckeys and got some snacks.

War of 1812

war begun in febuary

andrew jackson was a amercian leader

robert jenkinson was the britsh leader

on 1812 the way started

faught for their freedom

11 britsh saliors died

8 monthes and two years it lasted

15000 soilders died in war

200 years of peace across the border


patroit poem

he is best known for alerting ten colonial militia

he wasn’t one of the loyal nine,

first american to roll copper,

only had mom,

paul revere,

his dad died,

he only had eight children,

he died in may age of 83,

reveres company still runs in honor of his name.